2020-05-18 11:20:09

How I Achieved Financial Freedom.�

�‍♂️I Am Don Nelson, From Eastern Part of Nigeria��. Nigeria is the giant of Africa sited in western African continent with 36 states. My nation is   enriched with minerals resources   like   Gypsum, Iron Ore, Lead/Zinc,   Bentonite and Baryte, Gold, Bitumen, Rock Salt   and crude oil. Nigeria is vast known for its crude oil exportation around the globe and its a nation with lots of talented citizens.

�‍♂️I own and live in my   personal house and run offline business here in Nigeria. I achieved all this through MMM.

️It all stated On the 25th January 2016, When i visited a friend of mine to celebrate his Birthday in his place. While we were drinking and eating Fried Chicken, my friend was busy taking screen shot on his phone.   Then i asked him what's important in that phone to distract him from Enjoying the wonderful moment we are celebrating, he told Me he is carrying out payment in MMM. I asked him what is MMM?. He Smiled and said MMM is Money Making Machine, that got me more confused but i got the website from him and researched about it on my own and i must say that i got discouraged   after reading About A fraudster Called Sergey Mavrodi and his prison issues in Russia.

�‍♂️I just forgot about MMM focusing   on my Freelancing work as Wordpress Developer till May 3rd 2016 , that same friend of mine bought Lexus RC330,   as we were celebrating for his new car i asked him again, how did you buy this car and he said to me again, MMM (Money Making Machine). Immediately i got home that day, i boot up my Laptop and registered in MMM Nigeria and PHed 50,000 naira then on the 3rd June i GHed 72,000 naira which was my Provide help amount, 30% growth and Registration bonus.

️After my first Participation, i was motivated and i increased Provided help of   200, 000 naira. Then i applied for   Guiders school immediately because i was very eager to earn more money at that moment. After my graduation from Guiders school, i started hosting Offline Seminars for MMM Nigeria in many state within the country and by 28th August i hit 100k+ Guiders Status and i was earning Millions from the system through Bonuses and my life changed entirely from that moment. I built my own house, set up a business also. i discovered that Mutual Aid system is the way to financial Freedom and that is why the Government can never support it.

️On December 2016 MMM Nigeria had its Restart and many people were crying and regretting why they joined the system. I lost huge in the system because of the restart but quickly   joined other peer to peer systems like Get help World wide, Twinkas, MMM United but those system never lasted and i lost huge amount of money   too. Then i decided not to venture into those systems again till last year when i participated in mmmglobal.io and i still lost more money. I focused on my crypto currency trading and keep making my gain little by little till i discovered MMM Blockchain Smart contract on 30th April 2019 on telegram and i took my time to study the system and i found out MMM   blockchain smart contract is the most purest system i have ever come across.

�‍♂️I registered in MMM blockchain smart contract on 1st June and since then till now, i have been Providing help and Getting help without problems.

️now   i enjoy participating in mutual Aid system without fears and panic, all   that was made possible by MMM Blockchain smart Contract and the use of Paxos Standard as its adopted currency.

️MMM BSC is Incomparable to any system and can't be copied by any imitators system. Am more that Happy to be a participant of MMM BSC as its the only decentralized Mutual aid system in the world. MMM BSC was carefully developed and all shortcomings of mutual aid system was removed making the system nuclear weapon to world financial slavery. MMM BSC will start stand the test of time and run smoothly for the next 5 years.   MMM BSC is an opportunity that has started changing my live again and i won't ever forget that very day i took bold step to join the system.







2016年12月,尼日利亚MMM重新启动,许多人哭着为加入该系统而后悔。由于重启,我在系统中损失惨重,但很快加入了其他点对点系统,如Get-help World wide、Twinkas、MMM United,但这些系统从未持续过,我也损失了巨额资金。后来我决定不再冒险进入这些系统,直到去年我参加了mmmglobal.io,我仍然损失了更多的钱。我专注于我的加密货币交易,并一点一点地盈利,直到2019年4月30日在telegram上发现了MMM区块链智能合约,我花时间研究了该系统,发现MMM区块链智能合约是我遇到的纯粹的系统。



MMM BSC是任何系统都无法比拟的,任何仿真器系统都无法复制。我很高兴能成为世界上的分散式互助系统MMM-BSC的参与者。MMM平衡计分卡经过精心开发,消除了互助制度的种种弊端,使互助制度成为世界金融奴役的核武器。MMM-BSC将在未来5年内经受住时间的考验,顺利运行。MMM BSC是一个又一次开始改变我生活的机会,我永远不会忘记那天我大胆地加入了这个系统。